Performance Tasks and Group Work Anxiety ( Let’s deal with it Together)

Performance Tasks – two words that can either make or break you. Your resourcefulness, creativity, mind and social skills will be put to the test.

As an introvert, I prefer group works wherein you’d get to choose the people you want to work with and it’s even okay if it’s an individual output despite the scale of the work.

Or if not, I’d be hoping and praying HARD that I’ll belong in a group where I’m comfortable with the people I’m working with.

But, hey, there’s no shame in that. I love people and getting to know them and all BUT I get intimidated by a few especially when they’re a group of friends or barkada and belong in the same group as me in a task work.

With all the times I’ve hoped for the best, it seems like the world really wants to go against me because I am ALWAYS put in groups where I am separated from my own group of friends ( and I feel so alone and out of place; help).  I don’t know how long I can keep up with this “fake it ’til you make it” business of mine but as the days go by, my sanity’s slowly slipping away.

So maybe you came to read this post for something inspirational. Or maybe you didn’t expect anything at all.

Well, the second guess is right; I don’t know where this post is going I mean, a girl can rant, right? no? sad.

What can an 18-year-old do in the face of such anxiety? I’m a Christian; I pray. I pray and then I tell those who are closest to me about my inner battle. It’s draining, to some it might be easy and I may be only overreacting but it’s a great burden for me to carry. It’s something I want to overcome but it’s something I can;t overcome alone.

So I talk it out. With my family, with my close friends, to anyone who would understand who you are and what you feel- to God who knows you best and will never leave you.

I may not have the specific answer to group work anxiety despite me being a sufferer myself but simply being honest with others about what you’re feeling will come a long way. It’s not a battle you should win alone but a battle that’s won hand-in-hand with others.




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