Choices. ( Thoughts on Choosing a Career)

The next school year is coming fast this June (kaway- kaway sa mga kapwa kong Pinoy dyan!). I am an incoming 12th Grader and this would be my last year in high school. I’d have to say goodbye to red pavements, green fields, and the humid classrooms I call my “second home” (eh).

It feels very surreal stepping on the platform of adulthood and finding yourself needing to make life-changing decisions sooner or later. College seems like only a breath away and people expect you to have solid plans in the future.

Thing is, I don’t. 

“You’re only leading yourself to a road of ruin, child”

Family or friends may pressure you to make choices almost immediately but, at the same time, tell you to weigh your options carefully. Though, I know they mean well but it’s something that adds more to the stress already building up inside leading to tense indecision.

This is the time when I tell you that you should go follow your heart and pursue your passion and dreams.

Oh, I hope life is as easy as that though. Doing what you always wanted to do and getting paid for it at the same time. But the world tells us that dreams and reality may not at all coincide.

So now I sound like a dream crusher and I’m really sorry for this but it pays to be informed, right?

It’s actually fine if you don’t have things figured out completely. We all need time to discover ourselves and what we truly want.

Truth is, there is no job or career where you will 100% not feel stressed or burnt out. Pain and worry- they have always been in a constant dance with humanity.

Pain demands to be felt” but we can choose who or what causes this pain

( thanks tfios).

In all this, don’t choose a career merely because the people around you are pressuring you. Also, don’t choose a career just because you are passionate in this field (I don’t want you to end up disappointed in this dark and cruel world ). I, myself, don’t have everything figured out despite my calm facade but it’s alright.

May it be you’re an 18-year-old, a 25-year-old or a 40-year-old, it is never too late for self-discovery. Continue to do what you love most, be passionate about it but at the same time, think about the people whom you want to impact- think about your family, friends, and those who hold a special place in your heart. Pray about it and trust God.

Choose what calls to you and your family. Choose what’s best for them and for you.

When we find that line between dreams and reality, we can become empowered to be the person this broken world needs.


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