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Lately, I’ve been on this site –Redbubble – making prints and selling them online. Basically, that’s what this site is for – making and selling things.

But what makes it great is that all you have to do is design your prints, customize their dimensions to fit their products (shirts, phone cases, pillows, duvet covers, scarves, etc.), post them and wait for a buyer. It’s really easy to get started with this site and not only that, you’ll also meet fellow artists and grab inspiration from them! Freelancers come this way, please.

As a buyer, you also have a wide variety of designs and design themes to choose from. May it be your favorite band, a fandom character you adore, quotes/ lyrics, something faith-inspired, Redbubble has them all!

It’s a great community for artists online and a get-go shop fo those looking for inspiration.

When you drop by, be sure to check out my shop if it pleases you:  MY REDBUBBLE

Here’s a tidbit y’all ( sorry for my amateur skillz )


This post isn’t sponsored by Redbubble or anyone. It’s primarily for sharing what I scourged from the internet and hoping that you’ll find something useful and inspiring.


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