Feeling Left Out?

We live in a world one step ahead of itself. A world where being busy would almost always mean you are contributing something good to society, your employer, your family and even yourself. It is a cruel place to the people who haven’t established their identity and eventually, they get toppled down by waves of intimidation.

Recently, I’ve been feeling left out myself amongst my small group of friends. During their summer vacation, they’re traveling, getting busy with their ministry at church, etc. while I plant myself in my house and do the same routine Monday to Friday ( except on occasional visits from relatives from other places).

But as I was contemplating my life just last night ( nocturnal introverts, raise your hands!), I see no problem in this. Why? My life is not merely written by me but it is carefully crafted by the One who is in control of everything-God.

People might tell you, “It’s just because you’re lazy” or “You’re too shy” and other reasons why things don’t go the way you want. Believe me,  we want to be productive. It’s just that life seems to go against the tide of what we had in mind.

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

Most of the time, what we want and what God wants for us aren’t meeting halfway. It’s because our sight is only limited while God’s sight is for the whole world.

But hear this, great leaders of the Bible weren’t prodigies. God plucked them from places no one would have imagined getting a leader from. Moses was a stutter, Joseph was a slave, David was a shepherd boy, Peter was a fisherman and Paul was a blasphemer.

Now what did God do? He molded these people carefully and when the time came, He used the according to His purpose. It wasn’t a matter of minutes or days, it took years for them to be fashioned just as God wanted them to be and there they impacted multitudes of people and brought glory to Him.

Moses became a great leader and brought the whole of Israel out of exile.

Joseph saved multitudes of people from a great famine that struck that time.

David became king of Israel and a man after God’s heart.

Peter was a disciple and friend of Jesus. Later became an apostle.

Paul became an apostle and went to even more places than the previous ones.

These people were happy and overjoyed where God put them. Though many trials, they were all successful in delivering the Will of God- to love others, love Him and give glory to His name.

God is working in our lives though we may not see or feel it. He is writing a different story for us where surely, there is victory in the end. Still, continue to pursue your relationship with Him and pray always.

Life will not always be rainbows and gumdrops and but God is the glue that mends everything together-even our brokenness.

Author’s Note: I’m not telling you to just be content in being cooped up inside your home and shutting others away. We all need to meet God halfway and say to Him that “Yes, you are available”.


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