MOODBOARDS – how to make them?

/moodboard/  a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition

/aesthetic/  giving or designed to give pleasure through beauty

Tumblr has it. Twitter has it. Facebook, Pinterest. Probably any social media platform there is.

Moodboards give your blog/account a pleasing facade and attract users who are interested in this aesthetic also you can get inspiration from moodboards for design!Right now, I’m going to make my own moodboard and outline the steps so that you can also make yours too in a breeze:

The first thing we’d do is to have a theme in mind. Choose from punk, gothic, Mary Sue, or you can even take inspiration from people or characters in your fandom. For mine, I’ll choose Belle from BatB.

With this in mind, the next step is to scourge the internet for aesthetic pictures. Don’t put a limit to the pictures you grab; editing starts later. Make sure to have fun!

( I like to find pictures from Pinterest. I find it very user-friendly)

We already have our pictures so the next thing we ought to do is to arrange them in an uncluttered manner. This is also the step where we decide how many rows/columns our aesthetic moodboard will have. Some like it 2×3, others 3×3 or the simple 1×2 layout but it all depends on you. Do you prefer minimal or do you want to go all-out? For mine, I’m using the 2×4 layout.

Let’s get organized y’all!

Notice that I tried to have similar colors spread evenly on the layout. This is to balance the overall color scheme and to avoid for the composition looking unattractive ( aim for it to be aesthetic 😉 ). Also, try to tell a story through your images and it will surely create inspiration.

It’s quite easy to make a moodboard and you can do it anywhere! Use it to add some flair to your blog or decorate your room using this. The possibilities are endless. Share your own creative moodboards below.

( All pictures are from Pinterest )


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