A World Worn Out By War- A Speech

“War does not determine who is right. Only who is left”.

For decades, newspapers, television screens and the internet has been lavished with images of people holding these words as they cry out for an end to a tiresome warfare. With closed fists, they plead for the lives of the harmed but unfortunately, those in power have turned a deaf ear to their appeal. Instead, they embark on a journey towards destruction just to play their political games. The world is afflicted by a great number of death casualties every day. Even now as I speak hundreds of people are dying. With the astounding growth of science and technology, this era has been called the atomic or the information age where governments take pride in nuclear weapons to maintain their country’s sovereignty and power. Political tensions grow between nations because of several social, political, religious and economic reasons.
Examples of these tensions include ISIS’ terrorism and the current dispute between the Philippines and China where the latter is turning the more hostile as time goes by. The danger of these tensions, if left unchecked, can fan the fires of a turbulent World War.The Philippines’ war on drugs under President Duterte is an event that took the attention of various political figures where some even condemn him for the rising numbers of extrajudicial killings. Data shows us that the number of extrajudicial killings is twice as many compared to those under police operations.
Killings during the latter can be justified under the rule of law but the fault here is the unexplained slaughters where the victims were inhumanely disposed of. Such as an incident concerning two men who were butchered and stuffed in containers with the iconic cardboard message “Pusher ako. Huwag tularan.” Other victims of these killings were sent anonymous messages prompting them to a certain location where they die. In a world full of sin, war is unavoidable and necessary but we need to ask- Is human rights really the cost to pay for security? We live in a world worn out by years of wars and no one is truly safe from the consequences of man’s lust for power.
Each of us is standing on a death row waiting for our turn. This is the world’s paradigm fueled by man’s sins. Ignorance to the problem does not relieve you or a heavy laden society of its burdens.
Ignorance breeds fear.
Fear breeds hate.
Hate breeds violence.
Author’s note: Done on 16 Sept. 2016 for a speech at school. I find it still relevant today and I hope to inspire this generation to the best that I can. My heart goes out to my fellow Filipinos especially the city of Marawi and the world. A conversation starter.

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