Online Jobs- Applying for Rarejob

Yes, I went through that 3-day journey. I applied, took the test, waited for the email and calls that would confirm or refute my application. I winged my demo lesson and guess what?

I was unsuccessful in getting the position mainly because I had a few grammatical errors thanks to coffee induced nervousness (a very bad idea; don’t take coffee before formal interviews). So I would like to share my experience and application process to you, guys, instead:

What is Rarejob?

First of all, Rarejob is an online tutoring service that has been around since 2013 and has garnered several applicants all over the Philippines. You, as a tutor, are teaching Japanese students whose ages range from preteens to working professionals. As of now, it’s only taking applicants from the Philippines who are at least 18 years of age.

The Application Process

1. Sign up and apply.

Signing up to Rarejob is, of course, the first step. Sign up or Apply as a tutor. You’d be expected to fill necessary data for your profile.

2.Take the English Proficiency Test (EPT)

Don’t worry if you fail the first time around, you still have time to get your brain gears going. You have a maximum of 10 tries to move forward in your application process. Take this opportunity to do research and study a few grammar rules.

3.On to scheduling your interview

When your EPT is successful, the next step in the process is to book a Rarejob interview and demo lesson schedule. You will have the freedom to choose any date as long as there is no one booked on it yet. But before the demo lesson, you will be expected to be online on Skype (their platform for lessons) a few minutes before your main interview for a test call to be conducted by one of their staff.

4. After the Demo Lesson

After your Demo Lesson, your trainer will tell you that you have to wait a minimum of 24 hours for your results which they will send through email. If you didn’t pass the demo, you can always come back but at 6 months time.

Hope you pass the tests and enjoy your application process because I did. It was an evaluative stage for me where I get to assess my English proficiency skills in conversations. Also, as a reminder, don’t just wing your demo lesson as I did because things will turn sour at the end (Joke’s on me). So go out there and take the opportunity. God bless you.


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