Performance Tasks and Group Work Anxiety ( Let’s deal with it Together)

Performance Tasks – two words that can either make or break you. Your resourcefulness, creativity, mind and social skills will be put to the test.

As an introvert, I prefer group works wherein you’d get to choose the people you want to work with and it’s even okay if it’s an individual output despite the scale of the work.

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Choices. ( Thoughts on Choosing a Career)

The next school year is coming fast this June (kaway- kaway sa mga kapwa kong Pinoy dyan!). I am an incoming 12th Grader and this would be my last year in high school. I’d have to say goodbye to red pavements, green fields, and the humid classrooms I call my “second home” (eh).

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Feeling Left Out?

We live in a world one step ahead of itself. A world where being busy would almost always mean you are contributing something good to society, your employer, your family and even yourself. It is a cruel place to the people who haven’t established their identity and eventually, they get toppled down by waves of intimidation.

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MOODBOARDS – how to make them?

/moodboard/  a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition

/aesthetic/  giving or designed to give pleasure through beauty

Tumblr has it. Twitter has it. Facebook, Pinterest. Probably any social media platform there is.

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Online Jobs- Applying for Rarejob

Yes, I went through that 3-day journey. I applied, took the test, waited for the email and calls that would confirm or refute my application. I winged my demo lesson and guess what?

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